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OD1 Droid assemblage art by Octalien Creative


  • How much does a consultation cost?
    Absolutely nothing. An initial consultation is set up so I can understand your requirements. I will put together a proposal that fits your needs, including concepts and budget. There is no obligation to proceed. So get in touch through the contacts page and let me hear your story and see what Octalien Creative can do for you.
  • How much do the finished pieces cost?
    Price depends on size, complexity and resources required. But for as little as NZD$2,000 I can create something that will impress and drive conversation with your clients and colleagues. No concept is too big or too small. Remember, the initial consultation is free.
  • How long does the process take?
    The ideas will come thick and fast as soon as i've heard your requirements. Time taken to create the actual piece will vary depending on size and complexity. I usually have a finished item to present to you within 1-4 weeks.
  • What if I don't like what you make?
    Sit back and relax. Octalien Creative offer an "Obligation Free Quote & Create Service". It's never happened to date, but if you don't like the finished piece you do not have to purchase it.
  • Will you create using our products or materials?
    Yes. One of the services Octalien Creative offer is turning your warranty or manufacturing rejects into a work of art that speaks your businesses language and talks to your clients in a positive and engaging way. Your materials do not have to be metal. Rewarding your valued clients and/or staff with a trophy, award or gift made from your manufacturing or warranty rejects. The results from these kinds of gestures are extremely well received.
  • Do you work with overseas businesses?
    Yes. I have over 128 works spread across the UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Austria, Australia and many more countries as well as NZ. All have been successfully shipped worldwide with no breakage.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. I've shipped over 120 pieces worldwide from NZ to Canada, USA, UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and more.
  • Do you only work with metal?
    No. I can create using almost any material, to any concept.
  • Do you create for private customers too?
    Yes. I have created the weird and wonderful for private clients and business for over 10 years.
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