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USHER - "The Soul Searcher" Boutique Cinema Robot

Project type

Organic Lighting Sculpture Concept


June 2023


Available to purchase or hire.


A mysterious boutique cinema robot. He was such pure pleasure to create. I started with his eye and then his head, the rest flowed. USHER has been assembled using Soda Stream bottles, movie reels, an old projector, old Hoover Vacuum, old electrical tester and loads more bits and bobs.

Special Features:
- Blue fade out and orange cinema style lighting in his vintage projector backpack.
- Humanoid feeling hand and mesmerising eye ball with fold down sunglass.
- Fluid level on one knee and pressure gauge in the other.
- Modified vintage Hoover vacuum in his left hand and vintage Hoover vacuum bag
under his backpack projector.
- Insinkerator food waste disposal rear end.
- Modified vintage electrical tester torso.
- Large and small old film reels.
- Copper wire moustache

No welding, all bolted, screwed, glued or riveted.

Height 168cm / 5"5'
Depth 98cm / 38in (Right hand finger tip to rear of larger movie reel)
Width 35cm / 13in
Weight 28.5kg / 62lbs

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