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USHER is a 5"9' fantasy cinema robot. Created as a concept for a boutique public cinema or home theater.


USHER is equiped with more than just a vacuum! He is offering tickets to the premier of "The Soul Searcher". To purchase a ticket you'll be required to shake his hand and look him in the eye. But be aware that you maybe the main character in this movie!

He was such pure pleasure to create. I started with his eye and then his head, the rest flowed. USHER has been assembled using Soda Stream bottles, movie reels, an old projector, old Hoover Vacuum, old electrical tester and loads more bits and bobs.


No welding, all bolted, screwed, glued or riveted.



Height 168cm / 5"5'

Depth 98cm / 38in (Right hand finger tip to rear of larger movie reel)

Width 35cm / 13in

Weight 28.5kg / 62lbs

USHER - The Soul Searcher

SKU: 364215375135191
  • USHER has been assembled from 99% recycled materials (lighting and wiring are new).

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