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Sean Boyd
"Junk Artist"

Meet Sean Boyd, a visionary artist with a passion for breathing new life into the ordinary and transforming it into engaging works of art. With his boundless creativity, outside-the-box thinking, and fresh original thought, Sean captivates audiences by showcasing the fantastical elements hidden within everyday objects and bringing them to the forefront.

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From a young age, Sean's vivid imagination allowed him to perceive the world in a unique way. While others saw mundane objects, he saw untapped potential and endless possibilities. Whether it was a discarded cardboard box, or a broken toy, Sean saw the magic waiting to be unlocked and has retained that imagination into adulthood.


Sean's collaboration with various businesses goes beyond mere aesthetic enhancement, he crafts one-of-a-kind sculptures and lighting installations that have enriched the ambiance of stores, offices and homes worldwide. In addition, Sean shares his expertise by teaching the art of creative junk assemblage, empowering individuals to bring their visions to life using discarded metal and other waste materials. 


With a diverse background and industry experience spanning farming, both on land and at sea, plastic and metal fabrication, policing, security, automotive, and various other trade and office services at all levels from apprentice, to general management and business ownership, Sean brings a fresh and innovative perspective to any industry he engages with. His remarkable work has garnered recognition from esteemed figures such as Sir Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop, Heather Palmer from the World of Wearable Art, and Frances Valentine from The Mind Lab/Tech Futures, among others.

Octalien art creativity, imagination sculpture, mechanical junk artist

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Sean is a creative powerhouse always looking for that next challenge and creation.
Yours could be next!

Aucland new zealand Robot art, Assemblage art, Junk art
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