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Junk Art School Workshops

Your students will be intrigued and engaged through using common household waste as a medium for them to learn about imagination and creativity. They will be motivated to get creative, artistic and express themselves using everyday cost effective mediums.

Neurodiverse and disruptive students have proven to benefit positively from the junk art experience. Their intrigue at what I have created can lead to passionate focused activity with a sense of accomplishment. This lead to me developing the Making New Friends workshop. See below for more details.


References are available from School Principals and parents upon request. 

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Show And Tell

  1. Short, sharp and impactful “show and tell'' presentations with 4-6 pieces. This includes question time. 1/2 hour per group. Best for up to 30 students at a time. Groups can be rotated throughout the day.


Making New Friends Neurodiverse Workshop

This workshop is aimed at Neurodiverse and disruptive pupils. During the workshop they will make a robot friend with their choice of personality and mood, characterised by facial expression and/or stance. The robots are assembled using recycled cardboard and household plastic waste. They are then painted and textured or covered in their choice of recycled material. They can range in size from miniature to taller than the student depending on your desired outcomes. These creations often end up reflecting the creators personality.


This workshop can also fire up disengaged pupils and give them a sense of achievement and a creative outlet that can be useful for teachers and parents to analyze in relation to disruptive behaviour. Quite often creatives (both adult and child) can become self destructive and/or disruptive without a creative expression outlet. This process can help identify stimulation interests to occupy those busy minds. 

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I fabricate unique trophies and awards for any subject, not just the arts. So many schools are missing an arts trophy. Talk to me about something that fits your schools story.



Junk art classes where the students create with me using recycled materials. This can be carried out over a term with either student lead individual pieces or a group piece. Having a fundraising exhibition at the end of term where the artworks can be auctioned off is a great option. I can tailor make a class to suit your desired results, just reach out and lets discuss how I can help.

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Public art installation.  Created during my workshop for REAP at the Alexandra Thyme Festival 2017. These Jellyfish were created by students from Alexandra Primary School, The Terrace School and Clyde School. This project was to raise awareness for how devastating these bags were on ocean wildlife. We still used them then!

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