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FD1XS Rocket Bike

Project type

Organic lighting sculpture concept


April 2023


Available for event hire or purchase.

FD = Flying Dream. Our dreams are made up of random events and objects that don't belong together, but we are made to believe whats happening and what we are experiencing is normal, even though we question the reality during our dream. The best dreams of all are flying dreams. The FD1 XS Rocket Bike is a celebration of flying dreams. None of the pieces on this bike belong together, but assembling them together in a particular way makes us believe for a moment that it could be real, but it's just a dream

This bike is full size:
Height mounted on stand 1540mm / 60in
Rocket Bike Length 1420mm / 56in
Base 550mm x 550mm
Weight - Heavy! probably 50kg /110 lbs

I used a KV100 frame. The frame is the only item on it from a motorcycle, every other piece is discarded metal objects, some are everyday items like a kettle, teapot, cake tin, mixing bowls, garden lights and a vacuum cleaners. The chrome 'tank' and chrome rear are ute bumper ends (damaged in a crash, I have not repaired them so they look authentic). The top rear is an old rubbish bin.

Building these pieces takes a healthy amount of patience, trial and error, dreaming, imagination, creativity, engineering and plenty of problem solving.

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